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Attain an internationally recognised qualification and qualify as a teacher, education manager, counselor, psychologist, social healthcare professional and educational therapist. Gain module exemptions from professional organisation’s membership examinations and  undergraduate degree.

About IACT

International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT) is a prestigious professional body based in the USA that admits members who have fulfilled the rigorous Membership Qualifying Programs and requirements to obtain practising licenses as counselors and therapists. Membership with IACT is a mark of high standard and excellence. Practising members are not only knowledgeable, skilled but are also highly respected as well. They are eligible to set up therapy or special education needs centre globally, and provide intervention and therapy programs from children to adult with special education needs. 

Merlion Academy specialises in IACT’s Membership Qualifying Programs training. Merlion Academy is authorised to supervise and verify candidates’ work seeking to gain admission as an IACT’s member.

The three levels of IACT’s membership are Credentialed, Registered and Board Certified. A Board Certified member holds the highest status of the membership.

Who is eligible to take the Membership Qualifying Programs?

Only a person holding a minimum diploma  or licentiate qualification in inclusive education, psychology and special needs education will be eligible to take the IACT's Membership Qualifying Programs  in the following strands before being admitted as a practising member:

(i) Reading Therapy, 

(ii) Educational Therapy,

(iii) Dialogic Diagnostic Arts Therapy,

(iv) Special Needs Community Practices

(v) Counseling

(vi) Psycho-educational Therapy


How many program modules are there in each level of the Membership Qualifying Program?

Each level of the Membership Qualifying Programs (credentialed, registered and board certified) comes with 5 program modules. A candidate must complete all 5 program modules and a 180 hour of supervised practicum per level. Each program module will be assessed in one of the three options:-


(i) Oral defence of a case;

(ii) Written examination;

(iii) Submission of a paper to a peer-reviewed journal related to the professional strand. 


The candidate is allowed to pick an option for the assessment. All assignments and work must be supervised and verified by a supervisor who is a  Board Certified member.


Will module exemptions be granted for the Membership Qualifying Programs?

All exemptions will be assessed accordingly. Only a maximum of 3 module exemptions will be allowed for the Membership Qualifying Program at credentialed level regardless of the level of qualification.  


Graduates of the following diploma programs offered by Merlion Academy accredited by the International Association of Therapists (IAoTh) will be granted module exemptions as well:


1. Professional Diploma in Inclusive and Special Education,

2. Executive Diploma in Psychoeducational Therapy

3. Executive Diploma in Diagnostic Projective Drawing and Therapy,

4. Executive Diploma in Adolescent Development, Assessment & Intervention (Youth Work) 


Except for the Professional Diploma which will be granted 3 module exemptions for the Membership Qualifying Programs, the remainder Executive Diploma will be granted 2 module exemptions.




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