International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT) is the largest and highly prestigious professional body based in the United States of America, with some 40,000 members, that admits members who have fulfilled the rigorous Practising License Programs requirements to obtain practising membership as a licensed educational therapist, reading therapist, arts therapist and counselor. Membership with IACT is a mark of high standard and excellence. The practising license is highly recognised globally

Practising license holder are not only knowledgeable, skilled, but are also highly respected as well. They are eligible to set up therapy or special education needs center globally, and provide intervention and therapy programs from children to adult with special education needs. The practising license are highly recognised in North American, Asian and European countries etc. 

Merlion Academy specialises in IACT’s Practising License Programs training. Merlion Academy is authorised to supervise and verify candidates’ work seeking to gain admission as an IACT’s member.

The three tiers of IACT’s membership are Credentialed (Therapist), Registered (Assessor) and Board Certified (Diagnostician). A Board Certified (Diagnostician) member holds the highest status of the membership.They are eligible to work in many countries such as North American, Asian and European countries etc. 

The admission intakes for the programs are February, May, August, November.

IACT's Practising License Programs